Free Fire Screensaver

Free Fire Screensaver

It bursts into your screen with a super-realistic animated fire

Fire is one of the most important discoveries of the human race. It has allowed for the progress in almost all areas of human knowledge. Also, it is so fascinating that many artists have dedicated their works to this element. Now you can set your desktop on fire in a risk-free manner with this free screensaver. It features a very realistic burning effect that makes your desktop seem to be really burning.

To complete the picture, the screensaver also has a nice set of sound effects of burning wood, which makes the program even more realistic. It also has a useful control panel which lets you set up the speed of the flames and the volume of the sound effects. This way, you can control the resulting effect, obtaining different intensities that can range from a nice fireplace to a violent forest fire. Also, you can choose between two soundtracks: melancholic and romantic, or to turn off the music altogether. Also, the control panel lets you choose the method for exiting the program (ESC key, any keystroke, or mouse movement), and even taking screenshots of your burning desktop.

This free version is meant to give you a glimpse into the Fantastic Flame Screensaver, which is a fuller, more complete version, that you can purchase on the developer's site.

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